How to Fix Fingerprint Sensor Not Working on HTC 10

As a user of HTC 10, have you ever tried a fingerprint sensor as a safety your phone? For those of you who have never tried it, make sure that you use it as soon as the fingerprint sensor is a means of securing your phone safest. This feature is suitable for those who would wish to maintain privacy in your cell phone for everyone’s fingerprints are different, so the key to securing your phone depends only on your fingerprints alone.

fingerprint sensor not working

Steps to fix fingerprint sensor not working on HTC 10

But lately some users complain about HTC 10 fingerprint sensor that is not working and of course it is difficult for them. Some problems viewed in HTC 10 including part of the fingerprint sensor is not working and had problems to enable / disable the fingerprint sensor is now a common problem. So you don’t have to worry anymore because we will explain how to fix that the fingerprint sensor not working on your HTC 10.

  • How to use fingerprint sensor

Here is a guide on how to set up enhanced HTC 10 Fingerprint Sensor:

    1. Go to the Settings
    2. Tap Screen lock and security
    3. Select the type of screen lock
    4. Tap Fingerprints and follow the instructions on the screen to activate and set up the fingerprint scanner on the HTC 10.

In addition, you should know that on this page you can go back and either add or remove fingerprints that will match with HTC 10 Fingerprint Sensor.

  • Set up the fingerprint sensor

With the use of the fingerprint sensor, you don’t need feel hassle to use a pattern or password as a securing your phone. To be able to set the fingerprint sensor, you can do it easily with the following steps:

    1. Go to the Settings
    2. Tap the Lock screen and security
    3. Select the Fingerprint and then + Add fingerprints
    4. Follow the instructions up to 100 % of your fingerprint has been scanned
    5. Setup password backup
    6. Select Ok Enable Fingerprint Lock
    7. Now to unlock your phone simply hold your finger on the home button
  • How to disable fingerprint sensor

Some users don’t like about the HTC 10 fingerprint sensors feature and prefer to use other way as usual safeguards such as using a pattern or password. For those of you who want to know how to enable and disable features a fingerprint sensor, you can follow these steps:

    • Go to the Home screen Tap to Menu.
    • Select Settings.
    • Choose Lock screen and security.
    • Select the Lock Screen Type.

When you are finished the steps above, then you have to use your fingerprint to turn off this feature. In addition to using this feature you can also change the features of HTC 10 for a different method to unlock the screen as you like with the following options:

  • Swipe
  • Pattern
  • Pin
  • Password

After you have chosen a way to unlock on your HTC 10 in addition to the fingerprint sensor, then you will be able to turn off and turn off the fingerprint sensor on the HTC 10.

How to Factory Reset iPhone 13 and Back to Default Settings

Knowing and understanding factory reset iPhone 13 is essential for you. It can be so especially for you who often operate this phone. Why can it be like that? The answer is because to know the way to get factory reset will be useful when the phone experience some problems.

Talking about some problems of iPhone 13, there may be some problems which are possible to happen. The potential problems which may occur are like being unresponsive, not working regularly, poor software issue and some other issues. So, that is why it is essential to master the way to factory reset your iPhone 13.

factory reset iphone 12

Also, before you decide to reset your phone, you are suggested to find the right tutorials. Therefore, try to get some references to reboot your phone. Thus, you can more certainly do the factory reset. By reading this article, you will hopefully get a good reference to reset your phone by yourselves. Here are the simple ways to reboot your iPhone 13.

How to factory reset iPhone 13 you should know

  1. Backup iPhone

Before you click the ‘reset,’ it is better for you to backup everything important in the phone. The important things can include, applications, files, and other data saved in both phone and external storage. It is important to do because resetting the phone will erase all of them. So, when you do not want to lose them, just back up first.

  1. Go to Setting

On the screen of your iPhone 13, scroll the screen to the ‘setting’, then tap it and wait several choices appear. In this case, don’t tap the wrong choices. Make sure you tap the one which can lead you to make a factory reset to the phone.

  1. Tap General and Reset

After you go to the setting, the next step is to tap general. After that, there will appear several choices too. Then, tap Reset. After you tap it, there will be a choice. So, tap it to accomplish your process of doing a factory reset.

  1. Tap ‘Erase All Content and Setting.’

The last step, you can end the process by tapping the latest notification that appears. It will say ‘Erase All Content and Setting.’ after you do it, you can just wait for the process of resetting finishes. When it finishes, your phone will turn back to the factory setting.

Considering that it is beneficial for you to iPhone 13 users, to learn how to reset iPhone 13 is a must for you. It will be helpful when suddenly your phone gets trouble or error, and you need to reset it at that time. Well, that is all about the importance of knowing the way to factory reset iPhone. Hopefully, it will be one of the excellent references for you.

How to Fix Windows 10 Blue Screen Easily and Correctly

Windows 10 blue screen often occur on your Windows 10 device such as a computer or laptop. Blue screen or Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) can appear when you upgrade your operating system to a new version. The same thing also can happen when you start your computer or just out of the blue suddenly. Of course, those things can make you frustrated and disturb your work. Therefore, you have to know how to fix and what causes the Windows 10 blue screen error.

fix windows 10 blue screen

How to fix your Windows 10 blue screen

One thing that can make you stress is when the screen of Windows getting blue. Here are the simple ways to fix your blue screen:

  1. Check the device performance

To check it, you can search for “Windows Defender Security Center”. See the health report whether it shows some issues or not. If any issues, try to resolve it.

  1. Uninstall recently application

Your recent application may cause the blue screen. So, uninstall it by entering “App & Features”. Then, select the app and click “Uninstall”.

  1. Update to the latest version

Go to the Device Manager and update the drivers to the latest version. It is because the old drivers may cause a blue screen issue.

  1. Cleanup the storage

Full storage sometimes causes a blue screen. Search for Disk Cleanup and then check any of the hard drives, the Recycle Bin, and Temporary files.

  1. Protect your Windows

Virus or malware infection is a dangerous thing that can make your Windows error. Install some antivirus programs to make your Windows secure.

  1. Check the hardware

Hardware such as RAM is a common cause of blue screen. Check the RAM by type “mdsched” and then open “Windows Memory Diagnostic” in the dialog box.

What Are Causes the Blue screen or Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

When your Window 10 is turning to a blue screen, maybe you will blame a number of things. Such as problem with updates for Windows, bad drivers, incompatible software, or hardware that you just configured. But, actually there are other problems that cause the blue screen on your Windows 10:

  1. Driver damage

A driver makes the computer’s operating system run optimally. If the driver is damaged, the OS will not run well. As result, may cause a blue screen. But, whether the blue screen is severe or not, depending on the level damage of the driver.

  1. Application crashes

Applications will spend a lot of RAM memory. If the memory is not enough to run certain applications, the OS will crash. One type of crash is the emergence of a blue screen error.

  1. Operating system files damage

The damage of the OS file will cause your OS cannot work properly. As a result, a blue screen crash appears. Even it will most likely always be a blue screen.

Knowing how to fix and what causes a Windows 10 blue screen will be better for anticipation. Hope it will be useful!

Numerous Smart iPhone 12 Tips Battery Life to use the Phone Longer

Use the iPhone 12 tips battery life to maximize the performance of the device. Everybody cannot deny the fact that the lifespan of the battery on a smartphone is not durable. You can compare it to the old phone. Apparently, it is normal because iPhone 12, iPad, and the other smartphone have a lot of applications.

The presence spends a lot of battery though do not use all feature. Okay, do not worry because you can solve it. The most important thing is you follow the tips for better iPhone 12 battery life well. Get it here! For more trick, you need to read iPhone 12 user guide for beginner’s here.

iphone 12 tips battery life

iPhone 12 Tips Battery Life that you can follow

Try to follow these 10 steps to maximize the performance of the battery. Now, let’s count it:

  1. Figure out what makes your battery easy to run out.
  2. Activate the low power mode when your battery is 20%. Do it with open Setting and Battery.
  3. Improve the Auto-lock.
  4. Disables location service. Open Setting, Privacy, and Location Service.
  5. Turn of the notification for your email account. Do it through the Setting, Accounts& Password, and Fetch New Data.
  6. Turn on the Auto-brightness on the Setting, General, Accessibility, and Display Accommodation.
  7. Disable your data when you find a WIFI connection
  8. Turn off the background auto-refresh.
  9. Activate the Airplane Mode when you do not have a called.
  10. Charge the battery on the computer when it is on.

The Other Ways to save your Battery

Luckily, you have a lot of ways to save your battery. It is such as:

  • Do the battery life.
  • Check for update on Setting, General, Software Updates.
  • Use an external battery.
  • Battery health (BETA).
  • Turn off the Raise to Wake.
  • Turn off 4G.
  • Kill the Auto time zone.
  • Edit search.
  • Download ahead of time.
  • Dismiss the unnecessary animation.
  • Turn off Bluetooth.
  • Turn off AirDrop.
  • Reduce the auto-lock time.
  • Turn off vibrations.
  • Turn off the automatic download.
  • Closing apps.
  • Turn off the Siri through the Setting and Siri& Search.
  • Turn off iCloud from the Setting, your name, and iCloud.
  • Reduce the volume from the Setting to the Music.
  • Show your battery percentage from the Setting, Battery Percentage.

There are so many iPhone 12 tips for battery life here. Of course, you never suppose that iPhone 12 has the tips as many as above. Although you have got any tips, you should always upgrade your information. Well, happy enjoying your iPhone 12 but do not exceed in the usage. Moreover, you only use it something not important. Share this information and thank you for reading.

What You Should Know about LG G5 Extended Battery

You can find various types of gadget on the market these days. Each type of gadget serves different function and purposes. Some gadgets might allow you to watch movies while other gadgets might allow you to browse the internet.

However, there are also gadgets that can serve multi functions as well. One of the multi functions gadgets that you can find on the market these days is mobile phone. Mobile phone not only can be used to make phone calls or send text message but you also can use this gadget to browse the internet, take picture using built in camera, or even play your favorite mobile games.

LG G5 Extended Battery Is Perfect for Gaming

Mobile phone came in various choices of brand names these days. One of the most notable brand names of mobile phone that are available on the market these days is LG. This year, LG launches the new mobile phone that is called LG G5. This mobile phone is claimed to have better specifications and features compared to its predecessors.

g5 extended battery

One of the most notable features that are available in LG G5 is its extended battery. According to the manufacturer, LG G5 extended battery is great feature for gaming. With this feature, you can play mobile games longer without have to be worry about low battery.

LG G5 Extended Battery Makes Long Trip Easier

Sometimes you need to go on a long trip to other cities or even other countries. One of the problems that you might have when you are on a long trip is that you can find power source that you need to recharge your mobile phone. With LG G5, this condition will be no longer an issue.

Since this mobile phone came with LG G5 extended battery feature, your mobile phone will stay active longer even if you can’t find any power source to charge it. Your trip will be more comfortable if you choose LG G5.

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